Larry N. Sweet, Chief Information Officer

Larry Sweet, NASA CIOLarry N. Sweet is NASA’s Chief Information Officer. Mr. Sweet joined the NASA Office of the CIO (OCIO) in June 2013. Sweet leads the agency’s information technology efforts and capabilities. He is responsible for ensuring NASA’s information assets are in line with federal policies, procedures and legislation. He also manages a number of other major IT efforts, including the Information Technology Infrastructure Integration Program (I3P), which consolidates and integrates NASA’s IT services to enable collaboration and reduce costs to the agency. :::Read more:::

SMACK: The Next IT Decade

The Next IT Decade With the pace of technology change being what it is, I like to say an IT Decade is now three years long—and that time span is shrinking. The critical challenges we face with each new IT decade are these: how can we get a handle on the technologies that are going to invade our enterprise, and how can we proactively incorporate them into our next generation of applications and services? ::: Read More :::

New York City Named as the Main Stage for Space Apps 2014!

NASA and other space agencies around the world are preparing for the third annual International Space Apps Challenge which will be held April 12-13. Participants will develop mobile applications, software, hardware, data visualization and platform solutions that could contribute to space exploration missions and help improve life on Earth. New York will serve as the main stage for this event.  It will be a two-day “codeathon”-style event and be locally hosted at more than 90 locations spanning six continents.  It will bring techy-savvy citizens, scientists, entrepreneurs, educators, and students together to help solve challenges relevant to both space exploration and social needs. This year over 40 challenges will represent NASA mission priorities and be organized in five themes: Earth Watch, Technology in Space Human Spaceflight, Robotics, and Asteroids. About half of the challenges are in the Earth Watch theme and they support the NASA Earth Campaign. For more information visit the international space apps challenge website at https://2014.spaceappschallenge.org/

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