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NASA Records Management

What is a Record? Records document the Agency’s business: its organizations, policies, decisions, achievements, and operations. Records that document those aspects of NASA business are contained on paper, audio/visual, micrographics, and electronic media and managed as information resources. Information, in the form of records, is a critical resource necessary to assure the success of the Space program and preserve its history.

about NASA Records Management

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The objectives of NASA records management are to:

  • make current and inactive records available for employee use,
  • preserve significant records for future engineers and our Nation’s history, and
  • legally dispose of all others.

NASA Records Management Policies and Plans

Sources for NASA Records

NASA Official for Records Management Related Matters
NASA Records Officer:
Patti F. Stockman
NASA Office of the Chief Information Officer
NASA Headquarters
Washington, DC 20546-0001
Contact: 202-358-4787