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Jon McBride Software Testing and Research (JSTAR) Laboratory

Jon McBride Software Testing and Research (JSTAR) is a subgroup within the NASA IV&V Program's IV&V Office. The roles of the JSTAR sub-organization are to provide simulations of embedded spacecraft environments and test services to verify and validate spacecraft flight software products from NASA flight projects; conduct research and development efforts to improve test methods and simulations of embedded system components and space environments; and manage and enhance the JSTAR laboratory network and resources.

The work within JSTAR currently focuses on robotics research, independent testing, and OC-Flight-1, (the NASA IV&V Space Flight Design Challenge). JSTAR also focuses on outreach which spans all groups and focus areas.

For more information on JSTAR, please contact Brandon Bailey, JSTAR Lab Manager (brandon.t.bailey@ivv.nasa.gov).

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