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Advancing Small Spacecraft Technologies with Suborbital Flight Tests


  • Anh Nguyen, Ph.D., NASA’s Ames Research Center 
  • Mary Palmer, Raven Aerostar
  • Paul De León, Flight Opportunities Campaign Manager

September 8, 2021


A primary aim of the Flight Opportunities program is to prepare technologies for larger missions. Earlier this year, Flight Opportunities supported high-altitude balloon flight tests for NASA’s Payload Accelerator for CubeSat Endeavors initiative (PACE) through Raven Aerostar. In this webinar, PACE Project Manager Dr. Anh Nguyen will share how she and her team leveraged suborbital flight tests to better prepare their small spacecraft technologies for orbital missions. She will be joined by Raven Program Manager Mary Palmer and Flight Opportunities Campaign Manager Paul De León to discuss how researchers can get the most out of suborbital flight tests so that they are poised for success in future tests and missions.

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