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Space Transportation: Reshooting the Moon

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Grades 5-8


Engineering Design, Technology


Educator Guides, Lesson Plans / Activities

The “Big Idea” of this standards-based unit is transportation systems move people and goods. Transportation vehicles consist of subsystems that must function together for a system to work effectively. Students will become familiar with NASA’s plan for human space exploration. The following are some of the objectives of the 5E (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate/Extend, Evaluate) lessons:

  • Describe how a system may lose efficiency or fail if one of its subsystems is missing or malfunctioning.
  • Design a space transportation system that will complete a lunar mission and identify the processes it would require.
  • Identify the subsystems that must function together for a transportation system to work effectively.

At the conclusion of the unit, students develop a subsystem for a manned spacecraft bound for the moon. Student sheets and rubrics are included.
Space Transportation: Reshooting the Moon [1MB PDF file]
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