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Lunar Colonization – Energy and Power

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Grades 5-8


Mathematics, Measurement and Data Analysis


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In the future humans may live and work on the moon for weeks or even months. Energy and power will make it possible to travel to and live on the lunar surface. Humans must choose the appropriate energy source and technological means to produce that power. In this unit of 5E (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate/Extend, Evaluate) lessons, aligned to national education standards, students learn the differences between Earth and the moon; the limitations and constraints of living on the moon; and which type of energy sources would be suitable for a lunar habitat. At the conclusion of the unit, students design and build two- and three-dimensional models of a lunar colony and present their design to their classmates. Student sheets and rubrics are included.
Lunar Colonization – Energy and Power [12MB PDF file]
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