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Packing Up for the Moon Educator Guide

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The Moon during a lunar eclipse pictured from the space station



Grade Levels

Grades 5-8, Informal Education


Life Science, Space Science, Technology


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Big Idea: Engineering design is a creative planning process that leads to useful products and systems.
Plant growth will be an important part of space exploration in the future. NASA scientists anticipate that astronauts may be able to grow plants on the moon, and the plants could be used to supplement meals.
In anticipation of the need for research into lunar plant growth, NASA and the International Technology Education Association (now known as the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association, or ITEEA) presented the STS-118 Engineering Design Challenge for the 2007-2008 school year. Students design, build and evaluate lunar plant growth chambers while engaging in research- and standards-based learning experiences. Students participate in the engineering design process and learn how to conduct a scientific experiment.
Packing Up for the Moon -– Design, Build and Evaluate [3MB PDF file]
Lesson 1: Identifying Criteria and Constraints
Lesson 2: Let’s Design
Lesson 3: Turning Designs into Reality
Packing Up for the Moon –- Design and Evaluate [3MB PDF file]
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