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How We Work

The Space Science and Astrobiology Division provides science leadership and stewardship that enhances and enables the NASA community to make new scientific and technical discoveries, thus assuring the success of NASA’s strategic goals and space missions. The Division’s scientific breadth and expertise provide the Agency with a unique interdisciplinary workforce utilizing multidisciplinary teams of astronomers, astrophysicists, chemists, microbiologists, physicists, and planetary scientists and are organized into three core science areas:

Illustration: mottled red dwarf star with finger-like outbursts. Foreground: small black circle, a planet passing in front of the star. Star is stripping planet's atmosphere, appearing as wispy-blue filaments along the planets orbital path.

Our Science Capabilities

The Division’s strategic approach focuses on enabling long-term investments in our core scientific research areas. Our unique expertise advances the Community’s science knowledge while driving innovative technology and instrument concepts. The Division pursues primary leadership roles in NASA missions and mission support activities, based on our current capabilities in the following key strategic focus areas:

  1. Planet Modeling
  2. Origins & Evolution of Planetary Systems
  3. Exoplanet Characterization
  4. Radiative Transfer Research
  5. Laboratory Astrophysics & Astrochemistry
  6. Analog Research & Instrumentation Development
  7. Astrobiology & Life Detection

Have a look at the full version of our Strategic Plan 2018 and our tri-fold brochure.

Have a look at the full version of our Strategic Plan 2019 and our tri-fold brochure.