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Management Award

This award is intended for recognition of mid-level managers who consistently demonstrate loyalty, empowerment, accountability, diversity, excellence, respect, sharing, honesty, and integrity, and are proactive.


The SFA Management Award recognizes outstanding leaders who exemplify the following characteristics necessary for flight safety and mission success;

  1. Loyalty – Demonstrates consistence, fairness, trust, and truthfulness in interpersonal relationships
  2. Empowerment – Provides the tools, authority, and trust which allow employees to do their job and fully employ their individual talents, creativity, and initiative
  3. Accountability – Sets continuous improvement goals and measure performance against them.
  4. Diversity – Recognizes, understands, and appreciates that employees from different cultures and experiences view problems and opportunities differently
  5. Excellence – Performs in a superior manner. Continually looks for innovative ways to improve operations and produce outstanding results
  6. Respect – Displays professional esteem and courtesy to all employees, no matter how difficult the circumstances.
  7. Sharing – Actively shares responsibility, authority, effort, enthusiasm, information, vision, talent, and credit
  8. Honesty – Maintains a fair, straightforward, honorable and open environment
  9. Integrity- Sets the example by always dealing ethically in all business relationships and by maintaining the highest personal standards
  10. Proactive – Always takes prompt, decisive action to avoid or resolve problems. Pursues opportunities and actively seeks innovative technology and methods to enhance program objectives

Eligibility and Nomination Process

To be eligible to receive the SFA Management award, the candidate must meet the criteria specified above and;

  • Function in a mid-level management position or higher
  • Not have previously received this award

Download Criteria: management_criteria_recognition.docx

Download SFA Awards Nomination Form: sfa_awards_nomination_form.pdf


The award consists of:

(1) Congratulatory letter from NASA senior management and, for SFA Contractor employees, from the SFA Contractor senior management; and

(2) A special commemorative current spaceflight item