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JSTAR Software Automation

Software Automation is a service JSTAR provides that enables faster simulation environment deployments and a lightweight means to configuration-manage our test environments. Faster, because software automation allows increased focus on simulation development versus management of simulation environments.

Basically, software automation is the automatic or even continual running of a task in order to test the outcome and behaviors of certain systems or modules. This is especially helpful while a system is undergoing software changes, as this type of testing can be used to isolate problems early on, paving the way for faster solutions.

JSTAR utilizes this service to support unit level testing of in-house developed software, generate virtual machine deployments of in-house developed simulation and test environments, and to support testing of customer software.

One noteworthy example of software automation is the JSTAR-developed Core Flight System (cFS) build server. The build server is an environment that automatically and continually tests the flight software developed using cFS, including all sensors, actuators, and other spacecraft appliances. Not only has the cFS build server been utilized in-house, but it has also been released/shared with external cFS users for their respective projects.

Software Automation is an extremely useful service, and has been provided by JSTAR for many missions and projects to date.