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The Technical and Business Assistance (TABA) program is a way for small businesses to get funding over and above their SBIR/STTR awards to contract with their own vendors and consultants for commercialization purposes, allowing the small businesses to stay focused on research and development while a vendor helps shape their commercialization roadmap. You may apply for TABA funding as part of your NASA SBIR/STTR Phase I (up to $6,500) or Phase II (up to $50,000) proposal.

Learn the basics of TABA on about TABA

How to apply for TABA Funding

The processes governing TABA applications, decisions, and funding vary by agency. At NASA, applications for TABA are part of the Phase I and Phase II solicitation processes and must be part of your complete submission package. For information on how to request a TABA supplement, reference the Request for Use of Technical and Business Assistance Funds section in the solicitation you’re applying to. NASA does not guarantee approval of requests for a TABA supplement, and requesting TABA has no bearing on the proposal selection process.

If your project is selected for award and the TABA supplement is authorized by NASA, you must use the TABA supplement to contract with one or more vendors to receive services to assist in:

  • Making better technical decisions concerning this SBIR project
  • Solving technical problems that arise during the conduct of this SBIR project
  • Minimizing technical risks associated with this SBIR project
  • Commercializing new products and processes resulting from this SBIR project

Approved Uses of TABA Funding

TABA funding can be used for…

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance with product sales
  • Intellectual property protections
  • Market research and/or validation
  • Development of regulatory plans
  • Development of manufacturing plans
  • Access to technical and business literature available through on-line databases

TABA funding can NOT be used for…

  • Activities that the recipient can provide internally
  • General maintenance of or investment in an applicant/division within the small business, an affiliate/investor of the small business, or a subcontractor/consultant required as part of the awarded Phase I or Phase II
  • Contributions to the SBIR/STTR fee
  • Audit services
  • Bookkeeping services, including payroll management or general accounting services
  • Contingency costs or costs associated with the research and development activities of the award

Finding a TABA Vendor

While there is no Federally approved list of TABA vendors, you may find helpful resources on or other online sources.