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Center & Mission Directorate Contacts

The primary SBIR/STTR contacts at each NASA center and mission directorate are listed below. Those interested in submitting proposals may communicate with NASA personnel to learn about the needs and objectives of mission programs except when a solicitation is active and when proposals are under review. During those times, NASA personnel will not be able to engage in communications relating to the solicitations, proposals, or the evaluation results for such proposals; any communication should occur only through the SBIR/STTR Contracting Officer and the SBIR/STTR Program Manager. Communications regarding other technical work or other points of mutual concern not related to the open solicitations or proposals are never restricted and are encouraged throughout the year!

NameEmailCenter / Mission Directorate
Gary LaierGary.E.Laier@nasa.govArmstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC)
Dr. Ryszard (Rich) Pisarski Ryszard.L.Pisarski@nasa.govAmes Research Center (ARC)
Brandon WhiteBrandon.L.White@nasa.govGlenn Research Center (GRC)
Dr. Quenton BondsQuenton.Bonds@nasa.govGoddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)
Mark DavidsonMark.H.Davidson@jpl.nasa.govJet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
Brian Schwing (Acting)Brian.M.Schwing@nasa.govJohnson Space Center (JSC)
Michael (Mike) VinjeMichael.E.Vinje@nasa.govKennedy Space Center (KSC)
Eileen NelsonEileen.S.Nelson@nasa.govLangley Research Center (LaRC)
Dr. Haley DoudeHaley.R.Doude@nasa.govMarshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)
Marc ShoemakerMarc.D.Shoemaker@nasa.govStennis Space Center (SSC)
Bruce CoganBruce.R.Cogan@nasa.govAeronautics Mission Directorate (ARMD)
Carla CohenCarla.Cohen@nasa.govExploration Systems Development Mission Directorate – Space Operations Mission Directorate (ESDMD-SOMD)
Eric TingEric.B.Ting@nasa.govScience Mission Directorate (SMD)
Dr. Keith WoodmanKeith.L.Woodman@nasa.govSpace Technology Mission Directorate (STMD)
Dr. Howard ConyersHoward.J.Conyers@nasa.govSmall Business Technology Transfer (STTR)

Program Management Office Contacts

The NASA SBIR/STTR Program Management Office, which operates the program in conjunction with NASA Mission Directorates and Centers, is hosted at the NASA Ames Research Center. The Space Technology Mission Directorate provides overall policy direction for implementation of the NASA SBIR/STTR program.

Program Executive: Jason L. Kessler,

Deputy Program Executive: Damian Taylor,

Senior Advisor: Gynelle C. Steele,

Program Manager: Carlos Torrez,

Deputy Program Manager: Anna Bui Cordrey,

Procurement: Kenneth Albright,