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Past Challenges

NASA Centennial Challenges were initiated in 2005 to directly engage the public in the process of advanced technology development.

Three light-skinned men stand around a white rocket-like structure, which features a spherical object atop a four-legged metal stand. There are fuel tanks, valves, wires, and other mechanisms all over the body and base of the rocket. The men are each wearing blue jumpsuits and black and red safety headphones. Behind the group, out of focus, is a corn field and overcast sky.

NASA’s Centennial Challenges offers incentive prizes to generate revolutionary solutions to problems of interest to NASA and the nation. The program seeks innovations from diverse and non-traditional sources. Competitors are not supported by government funding and awards are only made to successful teams when the challenges are met.

Past Challenges

See some of the recent past challenges from NASA's Centennial Challenges program.