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Privacy Concerns / Questions

Submit a Privacy Act request via Freedom of Information Act request.

For Privacy concerns not related to Systems of Record Notices (SORNs) or NASA Privacy Act, please email a description of your concern along with a preferred return email address to NASA-Privacy

COMING SOON! The ability to electronically request NASA Privacy Act records on yourself.

Privacy Officials

NASA Senior Agency Official for Privacy (SAOP)
The NASA Administrator delegates to the SAOP the overall responsibility and accountability for ensuring NASA’s implementation of personal information protections, including the Agency’s full compliance with Federal laws, regulations, and policies relating to information privacy. The SAOP designates Chief Privacy Office (CPO) and Privacy Act Officer (PAO), and delegates various privacy management responsibilities to each role.

Jeff Seaton
Chief Information Officer / SAOP

NASA Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
The CPO performs oversight, governance, training, and implementation responsibilities for privacy activities on behalf of the SAOP. This includes responding to external inquiries, ensuring compliance with Federal law and regulations, developing privacy policies, and providing counsel to the SAOP or other NASA officials regarding privacy issues.

Stayce Hoult
Chief Privacy Officer
NASA Office of the Chief Information Officer
NASA Headquarters
Washington, DC 20546-0001
Tel: 256-544-7705

NASA Privacy Act Officer
The PAO ensures compliance with Privacy Act requirements. This includes ensuring Systems of Records Notices are published in the Federal Register, initiating regular Privacy Act reviews, and maintaining effective communication with Agency Privacy Managers and NASA stakeholders regarding Privacy Act issues and privacy notices.

NASA Agency Privacy Act Officer
Bill Edwards-Bodmer
NASA Office of the Chief Information Officer
NASA Headquarters
Washington, DC 20546-0001

Privacy Act

The Privacy Act of 1974 requires federal agencies to publish a System of Records Notice (SORN) in the Federal Register describing a new or modified system of record (SOR).

As defined by the Privacy Act, a SOR is a collection of records on individuals maintained by NASA from which information is routinely retrieved by the name of the individual or other personal identifier. A SOR is not necessarily an IT system; it can be a collection of paper records too.

Per federal requirement and NASA policy, SORNs are published in the Federal Register for any electronic or non-electronic SORs that contains information on individuals that is routinely retrieved by personal identifiers.