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Federal Workers’ Compensation

first aid on a persons hand
first aid on a persons hand

The Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) benefits are administered by the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) Office of Workers’ Compensation Program.  The DOL’s Federal Employees’ Compensation program provides civil service employees who sustain work related injury or illness with benefits such as medical care, wage loss replacement, and help in returning to work.  A civil service employee who is injured on NASA’s premises during working hours has the protection of the FECA unless engaged in an activity that removes him/her from the scope of employment. Coverage includes injuries which occur while the employee was performing assigned duties or engaging in an activity which was reasonably associated with employment, including while on business travel.  Although NASA assists employees in filing claims with the DOL, the DOL’s Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation adjudicates all claims for benefits.  The NASA Shared Services Center assists employees who opt to file a claim for an injury or illness they believe falls within the scope of DOL’s definition of work-related. 



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