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Open Innovation at NASA

Organizations across the globe harness the perspectives, expertise, and enthusiasm of “the crowd” outside their walls to reduce costs, accelerate projects, enhance creativity, and better engage stakeholders. NASA is doing the same, collaborating with diverse entities nationally and internationally. Read how open innovation projects from October 2020 to September 2022 advanced NASA’s mission and benefited participants.

Student-powered rover tackles the Human Exploration Rover Challenge (HERC) course

Boosting NASA higher, faster, and further

Propelling NASA closer to the Moon and Mars with Open Innovation

NASA invited the national and global community to participate in its Moon to Mars planning through open innovation initiatives. These initiatives tapped into the ingenuity and passion of individuals of all ages and walks of life, resulting in ideas for lunar power and energy, life on the Moon, and managing payloads, deliveries, and storage.

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Two astronauts on the surface of Mars at a basecamp. Two habitats and some equipment is seen strewn about the camp.
A black plastic tray full of green alfalfa sprouts is in full focus, taking up much of the photo. In the background, slightly out of focus, a white man is wearing a navy t-shirt and light blue gloves as he works on preparing some sprouts to be eaten as samples. The background includes a large white bowl full of greens, small sample cups, and a bottle of oil. Behind the man is an incubation station where his team’s food system is displayed.

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Astronaut Jessica Watkins works on the Surface Avatar laptop computer
Astronaut Jessica Watkins works on the Surface Avatar laptop computer to study ways to command and control surface-bound robots from space.

Past Publications

2022 Open Innovation Publication

Whether problem-solving during the pandemic, establishing a long-term presence at the Moon, or advancing technology to adapt to life in space, NASA has leveraged open innovation tools to inspire solutions to some of our most timely challenges – while using the creativity of everyone from garage tinkerers to citizen scientists and students of all ages. Read about our activities conducted in fiscal years 2019-2020.

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Cover of Open Innovation Publication
Open innovation spans multiple programs and mission directorates at NASA, including the Prizes, Challenges, and Crowdsourcing program.