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Mercury-Atlas 9 (26)
Faith 7 Mission Patch Mission: FAITH 7
Launch Pad: LC-14
Vehicle: Atlas (9)
Crew: L. Gordon Cooper, Jr.
Image at left: Faith 7 Mission Patch.
Image Credit: NASA

Spacecraft No. 20, Launch Vehicle Number 130-D

Astronaut Gordon Cooper, Jr. is assisted into his Faith 7 Mercury spacecraft.
Image above: Astronaut L. Gordon Cooper Jr., pilot of the Mercury-Atlas 9 earth-orbital space mission, is assisted into his "Faith 7" Mercury Spacecraft during the prelaunch countdown. Image Credit: NASA

Mission Objective:
Manned 1 day mission in orbit.

Altitude: 165.9 by 100.3 statute miles
Orbits: 22.5
Period: 88 minutes, 45 seconds
Duration: 1 Day, 10 hours, 19 minutes, 49 seconds
Distance: 546,167 statute miles
Velocity: 17,547 miles per hour
Max Q: 974 psf
Max G: 7.6

May 15, 1963

Mission Highlights:
The mission was successful. Total time weightless was 34 hours, 3 minutes, 30 seconds.