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Lunar Impact Press Releases

03.17.15: NASA’s LRO Spacecraft Finds March 17, 2013 Impact Crater and More

NASA's lunar monitoring program has detected hundreds of meteoroid impacts. The brightest, detected on March 17, 2013, in Mare Imbrium, is marked by the red square. 05.13.13: Bright Explosion on the Moon
09.02.08: Amateur Astronomers See Perseids Hit the Moon
39 UT. 05.21.08: 100 Explosions on the Moon
Rob Suggs poses by the new lunar impact telescope in Walker County, Georgia. 09.28.07: A New Lunar Impact Observatory
This artist's rendering of a small but powerful meteor strike on the surface of the moon. 08.27.07: Exploding Lunar Eclipse
Death of a shooter. This is a real photo of a pyrex marble exploding on impact at the NASA Ames Vertical Gun Range. 03.14.07: Shooting Marbles at 16,000 mph
The NASA Meteoroid Environment Group's lunar observatory 01.23.07: Lunar Transient Phenomena
Lunar impacts since Nov. 2005. 01.03.07: Lunar Geminids
Lunar Leonid Strikes 12.01.06: Lunar Leonid Strikes
Lunar impact light curve 06.16.06: A Meteoroid Hits the Moon
Artist rendering of a small, powerful meteor strike on the Moon 12.23.05: NASA Astronomers Spot Rare Lunar Meteor Strike