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Lunar Impacts

Mission statement: Use Earth-based observations of the dark portion of the moon to establish the rates and sizes of large meteoroids (greater than 10s of grams or a few ounces in mass) striking the lunar surface.

Why it is important: The Meteoroid Environment Office is charged with developing an understanding of the meteoroid environment.  Lunar impact monitoring enables measurement of meteoroids in the 10s of grams to kilograms size range which are difficult to measure with other techniques.
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2017-2020 Impact Candidates (last updated 2/1/2021)

2017-2020 Impact Candidates (last updated 02/01/21).
2017-2020 Impact Candidates (last updated 02/01/21). Credits: NASA

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Detailed info about all MEO Impact Candidates (PDF, <1.5 MB)
Impact Candidates reported to the MEO by independent observers

Impact Candidate Locations, 2005-Present

2005-2020 MEO Impact Candidates.
2005-2020 MEO Impact Candidates. Credits: NASA

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