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Science Test Branch and X-Ray Cryogenic Facility (XRCF)

Since 1991, the dedicated and highly skilled crew at NASA's X-ray and Cryogenic Facility have been providing technology development and pre-flight verification of flagship missions like the Chandra X-ray Observatory and the James Webb Space Telescope. The XRCF at Marshall is the world's largest x-ray optical test facility and provides evaluation and readiness testing for advanced telescope mirrors, video guidance systems, and other space structures in thermal environments to 20 Kelvin.

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X-Ray & Cryogenic Facility (XRCF) Website

Science Test Branch Projects

ChandraCryogenic Structure Tech Readiness Demos
Cryogenic Mirror DevelopmentJames Webb Space Telescope – Primary
Mirror Segment Assemblies
HinodeJames Webb Space Telescope – Primary
Mirror Backplane Support Structure
Solar X-Ray Imager