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Structural Engineering Division

Johnson Space Center Structural Engineering Division (ES) provides engineering capability in the fields of structural, thermal, and mechanical design, loads and dynamics, materials and processing support to current human space flight programs for hardware analysis, hardware production, testing and process improvements leading to high quality, cost efficient products.

Engineers and technicians at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans have structurally mated the first of four RS-25 engines to the core stage for NASA’s Space Launch System rocket that will help power the first Artemis mission to the Moon. Integration of the RS-25 engine to the recently completed core stage structure is a collaborative, multistep process for NASA and its partners Boeing, the core stage lead contractor, and Aerojet Rocketdyne, the RS-25 engine lead contractor. To complete the installation, the technicians will now integrate the propulsion and electrical systems. The installation process will be repeated for each of the four RS-25 engines.  Offering more payload mass, volume capability and energy to speed missions through space, the SLS rocket, along with NASA’s Gateway in lunar orbit and Orion, is part of NASA’s backbone for deep space exploration and the Artemis lunar program. No other rocket is capable of carrying astronauts in Orion around the Moon in a single mission.

NASA Process Specification (PRC) Index

Doc #TitleRev.Rev. DateOPRAuthor
PRC-0001 Manual Arc Welding of Aluminum Alloy Hardware  I12/16/2019 ESDenny, Clinton
PRC-0002Manual Arc Welding of Titanium Alloy Hardware D05/26/2020 ESRybiki, Daniel
PRC-0005Manual Arc Welding of Carbon Steel and Nickel Alloy Hardware H12/16/2019ESDenny, Clinton
PRC-0007 Manual Arc Welding of Developmental and Experimental HardwarD06/10/2020ESRybiki, Daniel
PRC-0009 Resistance Spot Welding of Battery Assemblies E12/01/2019 ESFigert, John
PRC-0010  Orbital Tube Gas Tungsten Arc Welding of Steel and Nickel Alloy HardwareE12/16/2019 ESDenny, Clinton
PRC-0011Semi-Automatic and Machine Stud Welding of Non Flight Hardware B06/10/2020 ESRybiki, Daniel
PRC-0015Automatic and Machine Arc Welding of Titanium and Titanium Alloy HardwareA05/26/2020 ESDenny, Clinton
PRC-0016Laser Welding of BatteriesBaseline09/24/2019  ESDenny, Clinton
PRC-1001Adhesive Bonding G12/01/2019 ESFowler, Michael
PRC-2001Heat Treatment of Steel AlloysI12/01/2019 ESGonzalez, Daila
PRC-2002Heat Treatment of Aluminum AlloysI12/01/2019   ESGonzalez, Daila
PRC-2003Heat Treatment of Nickel AlloysI02/01/2020  ESGonzalez, Daila
PRC-2004Ion Nitriding  D04/24/2020 ESFigert, John
PRC-4002 Thermal and Corrosion Control Paints and CoatingsF05/28/2020 ESTapia, Alma Stephanie
PRC-4003  EMI Control CoatingD06/25/2020 ESFowler, Michael
PRC-4004 Sealing of Joints and Faying SurfacesE04/30/2020ESBennett, Jay
PRC-4005Flame Retardant Treatment of Fabrics and WebbingsD05/13/2020ESPedley, Michael
PRC-4006Application of Liquid Locking CompoundsB05/28/2020 ESBennett, Jay
PRC-5001Cleaning of Hardware G06/05/2020ESWorthy, Erica
PRC-5002Passivation of Corrosion-Resistant Steel F12/01/2019 ESWorthy, Erica
PRC-5003 Electrodeposited Chromium Plating  D06/24/2020ESFigert, John
PRC-5004 Electrodeposited Nickel PlatingD07/02/2020 ESFigert, John
PRC-5005Chemical Conversion Coating of Aluminum Alloys D07/25/2020ESFigert, John
PRC-5006Anodizing of Aluminum AlloysD06/19/2020ESLuna, Sarah
PRC-5007Electroless Nickel PlatingE05/26/2020ESFigert, John
PRC-5008Specialty Anodizing of Aluminum Alloys to Control Optical Properties B06/29/2020 ESJacobs, Jeremy
PRC-5009Electropolishing of Corrosion-Resistant SteelB10/30/2019 ESWorthy, Erica
PRC-5010Pickling, Etching, and Descaling of Metals D06/25/2020ESGonzales, Daila
PRC-5011 Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Impregnated or Codeposited Surface Treatment of Aluminum AlloysB07/13/2020 ESFowler, Michael
PRC-6001 Composite Laminate Prepreg Parts H06/02/2020 ESFowler, Michael
PRC-6002 Assembly of Sandwich Structures E05/27/2020 ESFowler, Michael
PRC-6003 Trimming and Drilling of Composites E06/02/2020 ESFowler, Michael
PRC-6501 Ultrasonic Inspection of Composites G01/01/2020 ESKoshti, Ajay
PRC-6503Radiographic Inspection E01/01/2020ESKoshti, Ajay
PRC-6504Ultrasonic Inspection of Wrought MetalsG01/07/2020ESKoshti, Ajay
PRC-6505 Magnetic Particle Inspection E04/21/2020ESKoshti, Ajay
PRC-6506 Liquid Penetrant Inspection F03/30/2020 ESKoshti, Ajay
PRC-6509  Eddy Current Inspection E12/16/2019ESKoshti, Ajay
PRC-6510 Ultrasonic Inspection of Welds B05/14/2020EVKoshti, Ajay
PRC-7001Soldering of Electrical Components I03/24/2020EVWong, Anthony
PRC-7002 Staking and Conformal Coating of Printed Wiring Boards F03/24/2020 EVWong, Anthony
PRC-7003Manufacture of Electrical Cables, Wiring, and Harnesses E03/30/2020ESWong, Anthony
PRC-8001 Application of Dry-Film Lubricants F04/20/2020 ESGonzalez, Daila
PRC-8002 Application of Liquid Lubricants D06/24/2020 ESBennett, Jay
PRC-9001Installation of Solid and Blind RivetsE05/30/2020 ESBennett, Jay
PRC-9003Laser EngravingD06/11/2020 ESGonzalez, Daila
PRC-9005  LockwiringD04/30/2020ESBennett, Jay
PRC-9006 Installation of Key-retained Screw Thread Inserts E04/30/2020ESBennett, Jay
PRC-9007Installation of Threaded and Collard FastenersC09/09/2020ESBennett, Jay
PRC-9008 Installation of Helical Coil Inserts  E04/30/2020ESBennett, Jay
PRC-9010Baking Materials to Reduce Toxic OffgassingC04/08/2020ESPedley, Michael
PRC-9002 Part Marking L12/01/2019ESGonzalez, Daila