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IV&V Employee Processing

The NASA IV&V Program requires certain information in order to expedite proper processing of new employees, employees who are making changes, and employees who are leaving the NASA IV&V Program.
For your convenience, the NASA IV&V Program provides documents on this public web site to allow those who may not have user accounts to obtain the required information. There are three scenarios described on the IMS website. Please identify which best fits your situation, and then follow the instructions provided.
In-Processing and Change Processing
New NASA IV&V personnel and employers must review the In-Processing Procedure in IVV 03 on the SLPs & WIs page.
All new NASA IV&V personnel are encouraged to review the New Employee Safety Orientation (NASA IV&V network access required).

Change Processing
NASA’s IV&V Program civil service and contractor employees who are requesting a change to his or her name, address, location, any other non-contractual change, or contract-only change should fill out an In/Change Processing in the Access Tool.

If you are leaving the NASA IV&V Facility and no longer need access to any of the NASA IV&V resources (this includes electronic resources):

  • Review Out-Processing Procedure for Employees in IVV 03 on the SLPs & WIs page.