Suggested Searches

  • Federal Business Opportunities
    Search federal business opportunities
  • NASA Research Opportunities
    Researchers can help NASA achieve national research objectives by submitting research proposals and conducting awarded research. This site facilitates the search for NASA research opportunities.
  • Translational Research Institute (TRI)
    The mission of the Translational Research Institute is to lead a national effort in translating cutting-edge, emerging terrestrial research into applied space flight, human risk mitigation strategies for exploration missions. TRI was founded in 2016 and works in partnership with NASA’s Human Research Program through a cooperative agreement and cooperative agreement management plan.
  • Space Life Sciences (SLS) PhD Curricular Track Program
    NASA’s Human Research Program has collaborated with the University of Houston’s College of Education to offer a doctoral track in the Space Life Sciences. The track features courses focusing on space physiology and research using ground-based spaceflight models, and students learn first-hand about specific space life science topics from scientists who are conducting state-of-the-art research with NASA.
  • USRA Postdoctoral Program Annoucement
    The NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) offers unique research opportunities to highly talented national and international individuals to engage in ongoing NASA research programs at a NASA Center, NASA Headquarters, or at a NASA-affiliated research institution.

Ongoing Research

  • Task Book
    The Advanced Capabilities Division Research and Technology Task Book is an online database of research projects supported by the Human Research Program (HRP) and Exploration Technology Development Program (ETDP) within NASA’s Advanced Capabilities Division (ACD). Research projects within the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) are also covered. Information includes project descriptions, annual research results, research impacts, and a listing of publications resulting from this NASA-funded research.
  • ISS Program Scientist Toolbox
    Access to research data for the NASA Community covering all research performed on the International Space Station (ISS).


  • HRP Evidence Book
    The purpose of the HRP Evidence Book is to present the evidence base for potential astronaut health and performance risks on future exploration missions.

Additional Links

  • Life Sciences Data Archive
    NASA’s human life sciences data can assist the research community in providing a better understanding of the appropriate strategies required to mitigate spaceflight-related health risks.
  • Analog Missions
    Flight Analogs Project provides NASA with ground based research platforms to complement space research.
  • Announcement of IPA Opportunity – Pharmaceutical Strategist
    The NASA Johnson Space Center Human Health and Performance Directorate is seeking a full-time pharmaceutical strategist to work with both the Human Research Program and the Space Medicine Operations Division to identify and pursue novel strategies for developing and deploying a pharmaceutical formulary to support human space exploration beyond Low Earth Orbit.