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The Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop (IWS) is the primary venue for reporting progress and results of research on safe, productive, and efficient human spaceflight. Join us!

February 13-16, 2024





IWS Features Presentations on Human Spaceflight Research

Sessions are organized and scheduled according to human research disciplines.

ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti operates the rHEALTH One analyzer on the International Space Station in May 2022.

Exploration Medical Capability

Pushes the boundary of space medical systems to help take care of current and future astronauts.

Human Factors and Behavioral Performance

Characterizes and manages behavioral health effects of long-duration space missions 

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Human Health Countermeasures

Assesses physiological effects of spaceflight and develops safeguards that address changes to human health and performance.

Space Radiation

Ensures that crewmembers can safely live and work in space without exceeding acceptable radiation health risks.

Research Operations and Integration

Implements services for HRP research in Earth-based simulations and the International Space Station.

A person uses small tubes to fill a manifold with blue dye.

Space Biology

The main objective of Space Biology research is to build a better understanding of how spaceflight affects living systems to prepare for future human exploration missions far from Earth.