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Aim high and dream big! 

Maybe you want to become a scientist who works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), a center for the design and control of robotic spacecraft.  Or you’re thinking of being a flight systems engineer who designs, builds and tests a spacecraft that will visit the outer planets of our solar system beyond the reaches of the heliosphere.  Perhaps a career as a launch engineer who makes sure that spacecraft launches blast into the sky without a hitch. 

The sky is the limit and so are your dreams.  At NASA, anyone can work as an astronomer, astrophysicists, engineer or scientist. 

This webpage is designed for children who are inspired to enter the fields of science and engineering, to help them find out what it takes to make their dreams come true.  Books about NASA’s astronauts, spaceships, the International Space Station, as well as the Milky Way’s planets and stars and the cosmos beyond, are available to read at the NASA Headquarters Library. 

For information on borrowing books, NASA Headquarters employees and contractors, call ext. 0168 or email  Members of the public, contact your local library for availability of these items.  NASA Headquarters employees also can request additional materials or research on this topic and hundreds of others related to space.  The Library welcomes your comments or suggestions about this webpage.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s space explorers.  We all can be part of that journey.


Abbey, Alan D. (2003). Journey of Hope, The Story of Ilan Ramon, Israel’s First Astronaut. Hewlett, NY: Gefen Books.
TL 789.85 .R36 A23 2003 Bookstacks

Aldrin, Buzz. (2005). Buzz Aldrin, Reaching for the Moon. New York, NY: HarperCollins.
TL 789.85 .A4 A3 2005 Bookstacks

Baker, David. (2012). International Space Station 1998-2011 (all stages) Owners’ Workshop Manual, An insight into the history, development, collaboration, production and role of the permanently manned earth-orbiting complex.  Newbury Park, CA: Haynes North America Inc.
TL 797 .B352 2012 Bookstacks

Bennett, Jeffrey, et al. (2009) Max Goes to Jupiter, A Science Adventure with Max the Dog. Boulder, CO: Big Kid Science.
PZ7 .B43995 MAJ 2009 Bookstacks

Butcher, Ginger and Broadhurst. (2000). The Adventures of the Echo The Bat. Greenbelt, MD: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Available online,
QL 737 .C5 B35 2000 Bookstacks

Butterfield, Moira. (1985). Satellites & Space Stations. Tulsa, OK: EDC Publishing.
TL 793 .B88 1985 Bookstacks

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TL 797 .C26 2000 Bookstacks

Denne, Ben and O’Brien, Eileen. (2002). Space. Tulsa, OK: EDC Publishing.
QB 46 .D46 2002 Bookstacks

Hopping, Lorraine Jean. (2005). Space Rocks, the story of planetary geologist Adriana Ocampo. Washington, DC: Joseph Henry Press.
QB 454.2 O23 H67 2005 Bookstacks

Jackson, Garnet Nelson. (1994). Mae Jemison Astronaut. Cleveland, OH: Modern Curriculum Press.
TL 789.85 .J4 J33 1994 Bookstacks

Jones, Stanley P. and Tripp, L. Octavia. (1998).  African-American Astronauts, Guion S. Bluford Jr., Charles F. Bolden Jr., Frederick D. Gregory, Bernard A. Harris Jr., Mae C. Jemison. Mankato, MN: Capstone Press.
TL 789.85 .A1 J66 1998 Bookstacks

Lusted, Marcia Amidon. (2005). The International Space Station. Farmington Hills, MI: Lucent Books.
TL 797 .I58 L87 2005 Bookstacks

O’Connor, Karen. (1983). Sally Ride and the New Astronauts Scientists in Space. New York, NY: Franklin Watts.  
TL 793 .O28 1983 Bookstacks

Pogue, William R. (1991). How Do You Go To The Bathroom in Space? New York, NY: Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.
TL 793 .P54 1991 Bookstacks

Read, John A. (2019). 50 Things To See On The Moon. Halifax, NS, Canada: Formac Publishing Company Limited.
QB 64 .R43 2019 Bookstacks

Schorer, Lonnie Jones. (2006). Kids to Space: A Space Traveler’s Guide. Burlington, Ontario, Canada: Apogee Kids’ Book.
TL 793 .S36 2006 Bookstacks

Walliman, Dominic, Dr. (2013). Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space. London, England: Flying Eye Books.
QB 46 .W355 P764 2013 Bookstacks

Woodmansee, Laura S. (2002). Women Astronauts. Ontario, Canada: Apogee Books.
TL 789.85 .A1 W66 2002 Bookstacks

Out of This World Series

Hoyt, Robert. (2017). Out of this World, Meet NASA Inventor Robert Hoyt and His Team’s Web-Spinning Space Spiders. Chicago, IL: World Book, Inc.
TL 795 .M44 2017 Bookstacks

Landis, Geoffrey. (2017). Out of this World Meet NASA Geoffrey Landis and His Team’s Land-Sailing Venus Rover. Chicago, IL: World Book, Inc.
TL 475.L36 2017 Bookstacks

Lubin, Philip. (2017). Out of This World Meet NASA Inventor Philip Lubin and His Team’s Laser-Sailing Starships. Chicago, IL: World Book, Inc.
TL 795.L37 2017 Bookstacks

Ono, Hiro. (2017). Out of This World Meet NASA Inventor Masahiro Ono and His Team’s Asteroid – Harpooning Hitcher. Chicago, IL: World Book, Inc.
QB 651 .A847 2017 Bookstacks

Peck, Mason. (2017). Out of this World, Meet NASA Inventor Mason Peck and His Team’s Squishy, Fishy Robot Explorers. Chicago, IL: World Book, Inc.
TL 795.3 .S68 2017 Bookstacks

Short, Kendra. (2017). Out of this World, Meet NASA Inventor Kendra Short and Her Printable Probes and Cosmic Confetti. Chicago, IL: World Book, Inc.
TL 795.3.P75 2017 Bookstacks

Walton, Darwin McBeth. (2000). Overcoming Challenges, The Life of Charles F. Bolden, Jr. Austin, TX: Steck-Vaughn, Company.
TL 789.85 .B65 W35 2000 Bookstacks

Whittaker, Red. (2017). Out of This World Meet NASA Inventor William “Red” Whittaker and His Team’s Alien Cave Explorers. Chicago, IL: World Book, Inc.
TL 1097.A45 2017 Bookstacks

Wiegmann, Bruce. (2017). Out of This World Meet NASA Inventor Bruce Wiegmann and His Team’s Solar-Wind-Riding Electric Sail. Chicago, IL: World Book, Inc.
TL 475 .S65 2017 Bookstacks


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