Suggested Searches

Wooden carved rocket and library books

The NASA Headquarters Library offers a variety of ways to finding print and online information relating to our primary focus of policy and management materials.  Due to copyright, some services and resources may be limited for non-NASA personnel.


We offer a number of bibliographies on aerospace, management and general reference topics. They list relevant books, articles, technical reports, databases, and web sites.


The NASA HQ Library specializes in policy, history, and management of NASA, with significant sidelines in outreach and education. Our hardcopy collection is supplemented by books in different electronic formats, some of which are open to the public, and others which are accessible by subscription and are limited to NASA HQ civil servants and contractors. This page is a selection of our online resources.


This is a list of useful databases which are available to our patrons. The library staff also has access to several other databases (for instance, Lexis/Nexis). Our patrons can ask us to search for articles and reports in these databases or for demonstrations in how to best search the databases that are available to them.


The NASA HQ Library subscribes to many print and online journals, covering the fields of aerospace, project management, and several other topics of interest to our patrons. The links to the journals’ online archives will only work for NASA HQ computers. Members of the public and NASA employees are encouraged to visit the library to use our print and online journals. Links to free online journals of interest to our patrons are listed after our subscriptions.

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