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Entry Systems & Technology Division – Staff Management

Division Chief

David Hash

Assistant Division Chief

Sharon McKee


Jeffrey Hill, Aerothermodynamics Branch Chief

Scott Eddlemon, Thermophysics Facilities Branch Chief

Peter Race, Thermophysics Facilities Deputy Branch Chief

Mairead Stackpoole, Thermal Protection Materials Branch Chief

Justin Haskins, Thermal Protection Materials Deputy Branch Chief

Antonella Alunni, Entry Systems & Vehicle Development Branch Chief

Ethiraj Venkatapathy, Senior Technologist for Entry Systems

Helen Hwang, Science Missions Development Manager

Jeremy Vander Kam, Project Formulation and Implementation Manager

Michael Wright, Entry Descent and Landing (EDL) Systems Deputy Capability Lead

Matthew Trudell, ATOM4 Contract Manager (Jacobs)

David Cornelius, ESTRAD Contract Manager (AMA)