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In developing partnerships with researches overseas, NASA scientists and engineers need to remember NASA’s global commitment to environmental stewardship. We are not only conducting cutting edge R&D, we need to ensure that we are doing field activities that are environmentally sound. It is therefore the responsibility of program and project managers to consider protected or sensitive sites when planning to work overseas. Knowing the location of critical habitat or World Heritage Sites is paramount in insuring NASA does not inadvertently impact international resources.

photo collage of international patches on space suites

Sabinyo volcano and thick forest in Virunga National Park

About International Programs

NEPA Batal Balloon-Project

Message for NASA Program and Project Managers

EO 12114 Consideration: UNESCO World Heritage Map

EO 12114 Consideration: UNESCO World Heritage

College of a polar bear, a mountain lion, and a heard of moose

EO 12114 Consideration: IUCN Red List

Weather balloon in Antarctica

NEPA in Antarctica

Sounding Rocket launch from Wallops

Sounding Rockets Program

Ice Bridge

Operation IceBridge

Trees in Gabon

Mangrove Field Campaign

D3R Radar

Deployment of Dual-polarization, Dual-frequency Doppler Radar (D3R)