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Restoration Program

NASA’s Restoration Program cleans up chemicals that have been released into the environment during past activities to ensure that human health is protected, natural resources are preserved, and the overall well-being of the environment be maintained. Funding is managed through the Restoration Program within Construction and Environmental Compliance and Restoration Appropriations. Projects include both Restoration projects and Environmental Management Investment projects.

Active restoration site with construction equipment working

ground water samples

About Restoration

SA 13 Restoration Project Site

Restoration Projects (Coming Soon)

Excavator working on restoration project

Restoration Team

NASA Kennedy Space Center’s Spaceport Integration and Services organization is leading a restoration project at KARS Park on Hall Road in Merritt Island, Florida. As part of this project, a wavebreak is being created about 20 feet offshore to allow mangroves and other plants to propagate into the gap, providing protection for the shoreline. Shown here is an osprey overlooking the water.

Regulatory Drivers

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Rig drilling for groundwater samples

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