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Energy and Water Management

NASA’s Environmental Management Division leads the Agency in energy and water management policy and planning to ensure we successfully accomplish our mission while using energy and water resources as efficiently as possible.

Florida Power and Light’s (FPL) new Discovery Solar Energy Center is a 74.5 megawatt solar site, spanning 491 acres at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The site contains about 250,000 solar panels, and once it’s operational, will produce enough energy to power approximately 15,000 homes. Construction began in spring 2020, and teams expect to have the solar site finished by May 2021. Harnessing energy from the Sun, the panels will not directly power anything at Kennedy, but rather, will send energy directly to FPL’s electricity grid for distribution to existing customers.

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About Energy and Water Management

NASA completed a full-duration, 500-second hot fire of an RS-25 certification engine Jan. 17, continuing a critical test series to support future SLS (Space Launch System) missions to the Moon and beyond as NASA explores the secrets of the universe for the benefit of all.

Energy and Water Management Team

Truss-braced wind model installed in the Ames 11x11 Foot Wind Tunnel for testing as part of the Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research Project (SUGAR)

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