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NSTRF 2015

Joseph Amato
Carnegie Mellon University
Reducing Risk and Increasing Exploration Payoff with Symbiotic Rover Pairs

Marc Balducci
University Of Colorado, Boulder
Automated Robust Maneuver Design and Optimization

Kelsa Benensky
University Of Tennessee
Advanced Fuel Forms for Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Applications

Jared Berg
University Of Texas at Austin
Simulating Regolith Excavation, Entrainment, Dispersal and Visibility Impairment due to Rocket Plume-Surface

Matthew Burkhardt
California Institute of Technology
MoBall: An Energy-Harvesting & Self-Propelling Spherical Sensor Platform

Andrew Bylard
Stanford University
Onboard Risk-Aware Real-Time Motion Planning Algorithms for Spacecraft Maneuvering

Dylan Carter
University of Maryland, College Park
Electrostatic Separation of Lunar Regolith for Size Beneficiation using Same-Material Tribocharging

Jennifer Case
Purdue University
Control of an active sensor skin for extreme terrain mobility

Elizabeth Cha
University Of Southern California
Communication of Robot Status to Improve Human-Robot Collaboration

Kevin Coughlin
University Of Michigan
Achromatic Metamaterial Polarization Modulator for Precision CMB Measurements

Kevin Crowley
Princeton University
Developing Advanced Broadband Microwave Detectors for Next-Generation CMB Polarization Studies

Conor Cullinane
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dynamic Human-Centered Suit Design: A Computational and Experimental Method

Sarah Cusson
University Of Michigan
Development of a Long-Life 50-kW Class Nested Hall Thruster​

Anthony DeCicco
University of Maryland, College Park
Touchless Despinning of Asteroids and Comets via Neutral Beam Emmitting Spacecraft

Kyle Doyle
Cornell University
Passive, Failure-Tolerant Docking and Undocking

Rebecca Foust
University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
In-Orbit Additive Construction Using Modular Swarms of Spacecraft

Marcel Georgin
University Of Michigan
Physical Processes in High Current Hollow Cathodes

Matthew Glascock
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Characterization of a Green Solid Electric Propellant Microthruster for Small Spacecraft

John Greenhall
University of Utah
Reinforcement of 3D printed nanocomposite materials using ultrasound alignment of carbon nanotubes

Timothy Hackett
The Pennsylvania State University
Intelligent Media Access Protocol for SDR-Based Satellite Communications

Emily Hacopian
William Marsh Rice University
Ultralight Core Shell Architectures for Aerospace Applications

Casey Heidrich
University Of Colorado, Boulder
Technologies to Enable EDL of Smallsat Science and Exploration Payloads

Steven Jens Jorgensen
University Of Texas at Austin
Quantifying and Maximizing Performance of a Human-Centric Robot under Precision, Safety, and Robot Specification Constraints

Adam Koenig
Stanford University
Angles-Only Navigation System for Nanosatellites

Suzanne Kornegay
University Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Using Ternary Alloy Additions to Engineer Nitinol Shape Memory Alloys

Eric Leonhardt
Texas A&M University
Nanoporous cyclic brush polymers for selective carbon dioxide capture

Kaci Madden
University Of Texas at Austin
Assessment of Astronaut Hand Function using a Robotic Exoskeleton

Joshua Mathews
Purdue University
Reactive Nano Scale Emulsions for High Performance Hybrid Propulsion

Emily Matula
University Of Colorado, Boulder
Characterizing Biological Closed-Loop Life Support Systems for Thermal Control and Revitalization of Spacecraft Cabin Environments

Jake McCoy
University of Iowa
New lithographic techniques for X-ray spectroscopy

Steve McGuire
University Of Colorado, Boulder
Augmented Reality Telepresence for Robotic Exploration

Catherine Miller
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Advanced Propellants for Scalable, Multipurpose Electrospray Ion Thrusters

Honest Mrema
University Of Minnesota
A Comparison of Prominent LES Combustion Models for Nonpremixed Supersonic Combustion

Rydge Mulford
Brigham Young University
Dynamic Control of Radiative Surface Properties with Origami-Inspired Design

Lucas O’Neill
Purdue University
Flow Boiling and Condensation in Microgravity

Nathan Parrish
University of Colorado, Boulder
Low Thrust Trajectory Optimization in Cislunar and Translunar Space

Eliad Peretz
Cornell University
Computer Optimization and 3D Printing of Quantum Dot Solar Cells

Andrew Robertson
University Of Houston
An Investigation of Mechanisms in Bonding and Failure of Thermal Spray Coatings

Anthony Ruth
University Of Notre Dame
Hybrid Van Der Waals Materials In Next-Generation Electronics

Andrew Sabelhaus
University of California, Berkeley
Approximate Models for Closed-Loop Trajectory Tracking in Underactuated Systems

Sarah Smith
University Of Colorado, Boulder
Design and Analysis of a Practical Heliogyro Blade Control System for Deployment and Flight

Brittany Smith
Rochester Institute Of Technology
Development of InAlAs top cell for high specific power multijunction photovoltaics

Margaret Stevens
Tufts University
Solid State Energy Conversion for Deep Space Power

Gray Thomas
University Of Texas at Austin
Controlling Robots with a Spring in Their Step

Michelle Vaisman
Yale University
Wide-bandgap III-V materials for multijunction solar cell applications

Jonathan Ward
University Of Pennsylvania
Development of Inflation Probe Technologies for the Advanced ACT Experiment

Kyle Webb
Iowa State University
Optimal Aerocapture Guidance

Jordan Wheeler
University Of Colorado, Boulder
SuperSpec: A Revolutionary New Spectrometer for Submillimeter Astronomy

Joshua Wilson
Brigham Young University
Adaptive Control Methods for Soft Robots

Taiyo Wilson
University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Continuum-Kinetic Hybrid Framework for Chemically Reacting Flows

Alden Yellowhorse
Brigham Young University
Fundamentals of 3D Deployable Mechanisms in Space

Aaron Yevick
New York University
Tractor Beams for Optical Micromanipulation

Andrew Young
University Of Maine
Large Payload HIAD Systems: Structural Investigation and Optimization

Frances Zhu
Cornell University
Close Proximity Robotic Maneuvering through Flux Pinning Manipulation