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NASA to Co-Host Stability and Control Prediction Workshop

A scale model of a typical airliner is seen mounted on a stand inside a NASA wind tunnel
A NASA-developed wind tunnel research tool known as the Common Research Model is seen mounted in the 12-Foot Low-Speed Tunnel at the agency’s Langley Research Center in Virginia.
NASA / Lee Pollard

NASA will co-host the two-day Stability and Control Prediction Workshop II (S&CPW2) during the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ (AIAA) annual SciTech Forum in January 2025.

A kickoff meeting for the 2025 gathering is scheduled for Jan. 8, 2024, during the AIAA SciTech 2024 Forum in Orlando, Fla.

The Stability and Control Prediction Workshop series seeks to establish best practices for the prediction of stability and control derivatives with computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The workshops provide an impartial forum for evaluating the effectiveness of existing CFD codes and modeling techniques, as well as identifying areas in need of additional research and development.

The focus of S&CPW2 is prediction of static and dynamic stability derivatives for the NASA/Boeing Common Research Model (CRM).

NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia collected static and force oscillation data for a 2.4-percent scale version of the CRM in the Langley 12-Foot Low-Speed Tunnel during the Fall of 2023.

The wind tunnel data will be used to provide a blind comparison to CFD predictions. The data will not be publicly released until CFD predictions for the workshop have been completed.

S&CPW2 will be open to participants worldwide, and representation from industry, academia, and government will be present.

The workshop will consist of individual presentations, open discussions, and a subsequent paper by the planning committee to document workshop results. Participation in the prediction studies and AIAA membership are not required to attend the workshop.

The Organizing Committee consists of the following members:

  • Andrew Lofthouse – Air Force Lifecycle Management Center
  • Dan Vicroy – Adaptive Aerospace Group, Inc.
  • Benjamin Simmons – NASA Langley Research Center
  • Norman Princen – The Boeing Company
  • Matthew Prior – The Boeing Company
  • Adam Clark – The Boeing Company
  • Brett Johnson – The Boeing Company
  • Steve Klausmeyer – Textron Aviation
  • Kelly Laflin – Textron Aviation
  • William Vogel – Air Force Lifecycle Management Center
  • Charlie Harrison – Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

The workshop’s planning is affiliated with NASA’s Transformational Tools and Technologies project.

For more information and to receive links to CFD geometry files in advance of the workshop, please contact Benjamin Simmons at

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