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PSP results from Flow-Angulairty Wedge.
PSP results from the Flow-Angularity Wedge at 0.5 degrees angle of attack.

Quick Facts

Different forms of information may come from known measurement techniques. New information and new usages that come from existing techniques may result in system improvements for both research and design.

Since pressure is such a critical characteristic of any flow measurements, pressure measurements are capable of indicating many different aspects of the flow, and pressure-measurement technology can be used for many different applications. Some of the different flow characteristics that can be investigated by measuring flow pressure include:

  • Mach number, velocity
  • Fluid density (with temperature)
  • Flow separation
  • Characterizing laminar/turbulent flow
  • Sonic boom strength
  • Flow quality (uniformity)
  • Acoustic noise levels
  • Verification of flow theory

Developing Capabilities

ATP Test Technology seeks out ways to apply existing measurement techniques into new capabilities, in order to improve a measurement system or to discover new flow characteristics. These new capabilities often simply apply existing instrumentation in new ways or to different situations. This allows NASA to increase its exploration abilities, while primarily using resources that are already established and accessible.

Noise Reduction in the 9- by 15-Foot Low-Speed Wind Tunnel at Glenn Research Center

An acoustic array was built to try to locate sources of noise within the 9×15 Low-Speed Wind Tunnel. Once major sources of noise have been located, further work can be done to reduce the noise that they emit into the test section.

AETC Test Technology

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