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2018 Associate Administrator (AA) Awards Honorees

ARC = Ames Research Center
AFRC = Armstrong Flight Research Center
GRC = Glenn Research Center
HQ = Headquarters
LaRC = Langley Research Center

Technology and Innovation

Dr. Rodger W. Dyson, GRC
Dr. Rodger Dyson has demonstrated sustained engineering excellence as the technical lead for the development of the NASA Electric Aircraft Testbed (NEAT) facility located at GRC. Dr. Dyson’s leadership has provided a broad perspective in the field of electrified aircraft propulsion, in part by identifying technology gaps that influenced innovations in the testing of components and systems at the NEAT facility. Dr. Dyson’s technical advocacy and expertise, and the many engineering successes resulting from his leadership, have inspired many commercial aircraft companies and research organizations to partner with NASA and utilize the NEAT facility.

Winner (Group)
Airspace Technology Demonstration-2 (ATD-2)/Integrated Arrival, Departure, and Surface (IADS) Field Demonstration Team, ARC and LaRC
The ATD-2 Field Demonstration Team has successfully fielded and tested the first-of-its-kind IADS system at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina. This air traffic management (ATM) decision support system addresses airspace and airport congestion problems in an integrated fashion, across a broad set of air transportation domains, operators, and air traffic functions. The ATD-2 Team established and operated a fully functioning NASA ATM laboratory at a major U.S. airport, gained the enthusiastic and full cooperation of the external stakeholder community, and performed a technical evaluation of the IADS concept in multiple operational facilities. This evaluation already is demonstrating notable improvements to the predictability and operational efficiency of the U.S. air transportation system in metroplex environments.
Team Leads: Mr. Richard (Al), A. Capps (ARC)
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Leadership and Management Excellence

Mr. Peter Coen, LaRC
Mr. Peter Coen has earned the respect of the international supersonic community, advocated for the development of a supersonic noise standard, developed the research plans and tools required to support a noise standard, and initiated the development of a test program and X-59 test aircraft to develop a community response test database for international review and agreement. Mr. Coen’s leadership also resulted in the successful completion of the community noise response risk reduction flight campaign, the first of many research campaigns that will make overland supersonic flight a reality.

Program and Mission Support

Winner (Group)
Low Boom Flight Demonstrator (LBFD) Project Planning and Control (PP&C) Team, LaRC, AFRC, GRC, and ARC
The LBFD PP&C Team provides all the business and management systems to ensure successful LBFD project execution within specified budgets and schedules. The long-term efforts of this team will be critical to overall LBFD project execution and management success and will provide NASA a standard for future X-plane planning and execution. They have set a new standard for PP&C excellence through established and baselined new processes and operating procedures for future NASA X-plane projects, which they are sharing across NASA Aeronautics.
Team Lead: Ms. Sarah Waechter (LaRC)
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High Potentials

Dr. Michael Patterson, LaRC
Dr. Michael Patterson has made significant contributions to the advancement of aeronautics research in the areas of On-Demand Mobility (ODM), Urban Air Mobility (UAM), and Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP). These research areas have the potential to provide a new air transportation system with significantly improved efficiency and environmental characteristics. Through his ongoing efforts as an ODM/UAM/DEP trailblazing researcher and advocate, he has demonstrated a unique ability to shape the direction of current and future NASA research.

Strategic Partnerships

Dr. Rick Young, LaRC
Dr. Rick Young pioneered a Public Private Partnership for Advanced Composites. The goal was to establish multidisciplinary industry and multicenter research teams to develop, integrate, and implement advanced technologies and procedures. The result was to decrease the time from development to entry into commercial service of new material systems for aeronautical applications. Dr. Young worked to develop and maintain connections with industry and academia to realize successful collaborations and partnerships that provided data sharing, reduced time for material development and certification, and promoted economic growth.

Smartest Failure

Dr. Koushik Datta, ARC
Dr. Koushik Datta is recognized for his lessons learned and applied regarding the University Student Research Challenge (USRC). As manager for the University Initiatives project, Dr. Datta sought to include opportunities for smaller research teams to participate in the annual University Leadership Initiative. The new effort attempted to include a “crowd sourcing” element to partially fund the team’s proposed project. This novel approach was new to NASA. Unfortunately, student teams were unable to raise the required funds in this manner. However, Dr. Datta and those associated with the USRC remain committed to applying lessons learned in formulating a newly structured solicitation.

Winner (Group)
X-57 Battery Test and Redesign Team, GRC, AFRC, and JSC
Following a major failure, GRC-led X-57 Battery Test and Redesign Team worked diligently to understand the physics of the failure, and further worked to methodically redesign the system to prevent a recurrence. They completed a full spectrum of testing to prove that the system was ready to make the X-57 Program successful. During the recovery, the team took steps to ensure the lessons learned would be useful to industry as well as to the development of electric aircraft certification standards.
Team Lead: Dr. Dionne Hernandez-Lugo (GRC)
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2018 AA Award Winners

2018 AA Award Winners

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