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Aircraft with round nose and long, thin wings soars over Edwards Air Force Base.


Providing access to a world-class work force and flight environment as well as unrivaled research facilities.


The Space Projects and Partnerships Office at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California, is a gateway to an unmatched environment for experimental flight test, and as part of the partnership, we offer extensive experience, expertise, and facilities not available elsewhere. NASA Armstrong provides:

  • Access to restricted airspace (R-2515), which includes the largest overland supersonic corridor in the country, and the premier Edwards Air Force Base, California, range as well as access to the R-2508 Complex
  • Access to 29,000 feet of concrete runways, 68 miles of lakebed runways, and supersonic corridor
  • Relationships with other NASA centers and government laboratories
  • U.S. Air Force (USAF) Alliance
  • Proximity to aerospace contractors, production, and research and development (R&D)
  • Limited access to USAF Plant 42, a classified aircraft manufacturing plant
  • World-wide operations of our airborne science aircraft
  • Ability to conduct test programs on other ranges
  • 350 testable days per year
  • On-site, tailored safety clearance
  • An organization that has the authority to “self-certify” aircraft and modifications
  • Experimental laboratories/shops for modifications, repairs, instrumentation, testing, and qualification
  • Deep experience in one-of-a-kind flight projects

NASA Armstrong’s Partnerships managers can help:

  • Introduce partners and customers to the center and arrange tours of Armstrong test facilities
  • Find the skill sets to meet partner and customer needs
  • Work with partner and customer staff to understand requirements and develop a Statement of Work
  • Work with partner and customer staff to develop a partnership that helps them achieve objectives and, in some cases, joint objectives
  • Facilitate the negotiation of a contract to secure access to NASA’s equipment, facilities, and capabilities

As a partner, NASA Armstrong has an unparalleled history in performance, safety, and technical capability. Our proven track record in performance means customers and partners will find a rapid ramp-up to meet their needs; experienced project managers to address cost and schedule; and technical expertise to solve problems on-site. Safety has always been a part of NASA Armstrong’s culture and partners know us to have proven and effective safety assurance processes; tailored processes for each project; and on-site safety clearance authority. Our well-known technical capability allows us to share expertise and experience in all the aerospace disciplines; expertise and facilities to support simple-to-complex tests; and extensive experience in manned and unmanned systems.

We are proven project managers with an extensive knowledge of NASA and industry capabilities. It’s our job to ensure our partners and customers get what they need  – from the introductory welcome, through the navigation of our processes, to the exit strategy and handshake – to support their test and research requirements.