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Bone and Signaling Laboratory

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Eduardo Almeida, Ph.D., Co-Director

Yasaman Shirazi, Ph.D., Co-Director

The Bone and Signaling Laboratory is a multi-investigator collaborative facility in the Space Biosciences Division at NASA’s Ames Research Center that investigates the physiological responses of bone to the spaceflight environment (e.g., microgravity, mechanical force, and exposure to space radiation) with the long-term goals of defining biological mechanisms and improving the habitability of space. In addition to its research mission, the laboratory also aims to train and inspire young scientists to pursue careers in space biosciences. The current laboratory principal investigators focus their work on diverse research goals and synergize to share ideas, equipment and resources. 

Current areas of research include:

Microgravity and space radiation effects on bone (Shirazi)
Microgravity effects on stem cells in vivo (Almeida)