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image of two astronauts observing plants from an experiment aboard the space station
BioSentinel Electromagnetic Compatibility Test
Astronaut Nicole Mann works on the BioNutrients-2 investigation

Space Biosciences at Ames

Bringing Life into space. Life is challenged by the extreme environments of spaceflight. The lower gravity levels in space and on the moon and Mars have a wide range of harmful effects on humans and other living organisms. Away from Earth, there is no air, food, and water apart from what we bring with us. Radiation levels are much higher in deep space than on Earth, posing significant health risks. These challenges must be faced if we are to explore the moon, Mars, and beyond.

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NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren processes samples inside the Life Science Glovebox for the Immunosenescence investigation.

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culture hardware in hood

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Rodent Research-6 (SpaceX-13)