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Ames Research and Technology Council

The ARTC is an advisory committee, consistent with Center capabilities, that provides independent technical evaluations and recommendations that inform Center management of portfolio and investment decisions. The ARTC consists of the three Chiefs and 11 technical members that are active researchers or technologists and do not hold a position higher than deputy division chief.

The members are:
Co-Chair: Jacob Cohen, Ames Chief Scientist
Co-Chair: Harry Partridge, Center Chief Technologist
Dean Kontinos, Ames Chief Engineer

Michael Barnhardt
Kenneth Cheung
Jessica Lee
Marian Nemec
Jessica Marquez
Christopher Potter
Nancy Rustemeyer
Subhash Saini
Kathryn Steakley
Eric Yee
Paul Lee

Ames Research Center Library

The NASA Ames Research Library supports the information needs of Ames’ diverse community. It is comprised of two branch libraries:

  • The Technical Library, located in building N202 (basement)
  • The Life Sciences Library, located in building N239 Room B53 (basement)

The library staff are valued information service partners known for providing research expertise and delivering relevant/targeted timely results by navigating the ever-expanding information universe. Staff are available to assist you M-F, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (PST), excluding federal holidays