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Exploration Technology Directorate

Located at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California’s Silicon Valley, the Exploration Technology Directorate invents, develops, and implements technologies that NASA uses to gather scientific knowledge and explore space. Our four divisions provide leadership in information technology and computational science, deliver advanced human-centered software solutions for space exploration and aviation, provide supercomputing and other advanced computing services to NASA-funded scientists and engineers, and develop planetary atmospheric entry systems for NASA human exploration, science, and planetary science missions. We operate a variety of specialized test facilities, supercomputing installations, simulation tools, and research laboratories in support of NASA’s aviation, space exploration, and technology development objectives.

Human Systems Integration

Delivers advanced human-centered systems to provide safe, high-performing capabilities for space missions and national aviation goals. Leads the Agency in developing usable software technologies and solutions for complex operational challenges, in applications including flight operations, ground operations, and data management across NASA systems.

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Intelligent Systems

Provides leadership in information technologies by conducting mission-driven, user-centric research and development in computational sciences for NASA applications. Demonstrates and infuses innovative technologies for autonomy, robotics, decision-making tools, quantum computing approaches, and software reliability and robustness. Develops software systems for data mining, analysis, integration, and management; ground and flight; integrated health management; systems safety; and mission assurance.

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NASA Advanced Supercomputing

Delivers supercomputing and other advanced computing resources and services to NASA-funded scientists and engineers across missions in Earth and space science, space exploration, and aeronautics. Provides high-fidelity modeling and simulation in aerospace design and engineering risk assessment, aeronautics research, Earth science, and heliophysics.

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Entry Systems and Technology

Conceives, develops, and infuses innovative entry system technologies into NASA human exploration and planetary science missions. Operates high enthalpy testing facilities including the arc jet complex, hypervelocity free flight facility, and electric arc shock tube. Develops advanced entry systems modeling, thermal protection materials, and engineering science instrumentation. Assists in the advancement of commercial space endeavors by providing entry systems insight and expertise.

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