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Ames Engineering Directorate

The Ames Engineering Directorate (Code R) is the principal engineering organization for aerospace systems and spaceflight projects at NASA’s Ames Research Center, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California.

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NASA Ames Engineering Facilities

CubeSat in the lab for testing. The craft's solar arrays are open on the right side of the craft.

Engineering Evaluation Laboratory (EEL)

The Engineering Evaluation Laboratory (EEL) provides engineering test and evaluation capabilities at the proto-type, proto-flight, qualification, and certification levels.


Flight Processing Center (FPC)

The Flight Processing Center (FPC) provides and maintains facilities, equipment and supplies required to carry out integration and test functions for Center projects.


Multi-Mission Operations Center (MMOC)

The MMOC supports and enables low-cost mission operations by providing the facilities, networks, IT equipment, software and services required for operating spacecraft in flight.


The NASA Ames SpaceShop serves the rapid prototyping and development needs of the Ames research community. 

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EDSN Flight Units


The Spaceflight Projects Office (SPO) provides project management for cost effective spaceflight projects.

Mission Design Center

The NASA Ames Mission Design Center (MDC) is a multi-disciplinary, concurrent engineering Technical Area within the Spaceflight Division that specializes in conceptual mission design.

State of the Art Small Spacecraft Technology Report

State-of-the-Art Report

The objective of this report is to assess and provide an overview of the state of the art in small spacecraft technologies for mission designers, project managers, technologists, and students.