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Flight Processing Center

The Flight Processing Center (FPC) provides and maintains facilities, equipment and supplies required to carry out integration and test functions for Center projects. Facilities include an environmentally controlled Class 100K (ISO Class 8) High Bay clean room, two Class 10K (ISO Class 7) clean room facilities used for flight system assembly, integration, test, and handling, Prototype-flight fabrication and assembly areas for electronics and mechanical systems, satellite assembly and test areas, science laboratories, test laboratories, bonded storage, a warehouse facility, the Multi-Mission Operations Center (MMOC-1), project office space, conference rooms, hardware development labs, science laboratory space, and off-line assembly areas. Equipment includes general and specific GSE and tools, test equipment, overhead cranes (5 and 1.5 ton cap.), and data systems. Supplies include consumables and equipment associated with FPC operations for clean rooms, shipping and receiving, office and administration, assembly and test, and general facilities operations and maintenance.

The FPC manages a 14,000 sq. ft. bonded storage facility for both flight and ground hardware, equipment, and materials. The FPC, in cooperation with the Multi-Mission Operations Center (MMOC), can provide integrated mission operations and ground data systems interfaces associated with ground testing of flight systems within the FPC facility.

FPC management and staff provide many years of experience and expertise in flight system development, integration, test and processing for NASA research and flight missions. The FPC facilities provide the essential capabilities and environment to successfully develop, test, and process hardware systems to meet instrument, spacecraft and payload requirements in all phases of development. FPC provides flight proven expertise, processes and procedures in assembly, integration & test, document control, configuration management, bonded stores, material control, ground handling, shipping and logistics, contamination control and laboratory protocols. The FPC provides project assistance with scope of work planning and estimating, Integration & Test (I&T) proposal contributions, and the acquisition of special skills as needed.