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Multi-Mission Operations Center

NASA’s Mission Control in Silicon Valley

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The MMOC is designed to be an agile, high performance and cost-effective operations resource for multiple simultaneous missions. We are rooted in a deep history of flying large and small spacecraft, commanding payloads, and managing custom-designed science data pipelines. Our ready-to-use and configurable environment reduces cost and start-up time, shortens provisioning, and allows missions to focus more on science and less on infrastructure.

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Moffett Field, CA


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Justin Pane

Deputy Director

Zachary Burkland


Facilities: The MMOC has mission operations facilities in two buildings at NASA Ames Research Center, an arrangement that provides geographic diversity and resiliency in the event of a disaster. The facilities include Mission Operations Centers, Payload Operations Centers, Science Operations Centers, dedicated server rooms, and project-specific backroom support areas.

IT Security: The MMOC facilities and data systems are FISMA-compliant and operate in accordance with a NASA-approved system security plan.

Network: The MMOC designed, built, and manages the Ames Mission Network (AMN), dedicated solely to mission traffic. Key benefits of the AMN include being a centrally managed network service, ability to tailor network security to each mission’s requirements, and isolation of mission traffic from general administrative traffic. The AMN maintains secure connectivity to other NASA centers and ground stations with ability to extend to external partners.

Voice System: The MMOC offers a standardized customizable mission voice solution provided by NASA. These VoIP systems are the NASA standard for mission critical voice, seamlessly establishing conferences with other NASA centers and ground stations with ability to extend to external partners.

Hardware and Software: The MMOC deploys and administers a wide range of workstations and servers, from Windows and Linux machines to multi-terabyte high-end computing Unix servers. Any command and telemetry handling software can be accommodated. A remote-friendly mission collaboration and issue tracking software suite is provided for agile project management. Efficiencies of cloud computing are harnessed through NASA’s enterprise-managed service. Artificial intelligence is used to help assess risk and optimize decision making.

Services: The MMOC employs core staff to provide comprehensive system administration, system and data security, database administration, network engineering, procurement, software, and system design services. Mission operations staff (e.g., on-console positions), project engineers and scientists are provided by the missions. Mission staffing is available at NASA Ames, if needed.

Proposal Support: The MMOC is available to provide technical recommendations and cost estimates for mission proposal teams. Contact the MMOC points of contact for partnering opportunities.