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High School Aerospace Scholars
May 24, 2012

[Students Grade 11]
[Available: TX]

High School Aerospace Scholars, or HAS, is an interactive online learning experience highlighted by a weeklong internship. Selected students are encouraged to study mathematics, science, engineering and computer science by interacting with engineers at NASA's Johnson Space Center. The project includes preliminary interactive Web-based activities, distance learning and a residential experience during the summer at JSC. From across the state of Texas, students are selected to participate by their state legislator through a competitive process. Selected students are Texas residents and U.S. citizens currently in their junior year of high school (rising seniors) with an interest and aptitude for mathematics, science, engineering or computer science.

Duration: One year

NASA Contact
Johnson Space Center Education Office
2101 NASA Parkway
Houston, TX 77058-3607
Phone: 281-483-4112
Email: jsc-aeroscho@mail.nasa.gov

High School Aerospace Scholars
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