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Expedition 44 crew patch

Expedition 44 will begin in May 2015 with the departure of Soyuz 41. Three additional crew members will arrive later in May aboard Soyuz 43.  An Expedition 45/46 crew member will arrive in October aboard Soyuz 44.

Soyuz 42
Crew: Scott Kelly, Mikhail Kornienko, Gennady Padalka

Launch: March 2015
Landing: October 2015 *

* As the One-Year crew, Kelly and Kornienko will remain onboard ISS following Soyuz 42 departure and return to Earth on Soyuz 44 in March 2016.

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Soyuz 43
Crew: Kjell Lindgren, Kimiya Yui, Oleg Kononenko

Launch: May 2015
Landing: November 2015

Soyuz 44
Crew: Sergey Volkov, Andreas Mogensen (Soyuz Flight Engineer), Sarah Brightman (Spaceflight Participant)

Launch: October 2015
Landing: March 2016 *

* Mogensen and Brightman will return to Earth aboard Soyuz 42 with Padalka.

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