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Viewing Rocket Launches at Wallops Flight Facility

In Person

The recommended site for viewing rocket launches and aircraft activities at the Wallops Flight Facility is from the NASA Visitor Center. The Center is located on Rt. 175 directly across from the Wallops runways and adjacent to the marsh for a clear view of Wallops Island, the location of the rocket launch facilities. From this site, visitors can keep apprised of the launch schedule and countdown. Televisions in the Center also give the visitor a look at activities on the launch pad.

In addition to the Wallops web site which lists the WFF Operations Schedule, the public can get the latest launch schedule on the Wallops Public Information Line by calling (757) 824-2050.

Live via the web

Rocket launches from the Wallops Flight Facility are now available live via the web. Coverage begins approximately 30-minutes before the scheduled launch.

Click here to go to the Live Rocket Launch Webcast.