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NASA’s TechLeap Prize: Advancing Space Technologies and Innovative Teams


  • Sara Jennings, Chief Executive Office, Orion Labs
  • Zachary Gaines, Project Lead, Bronco Space Club at Cal Poly Pomona

September 7, 2022


Led by NASA’s Flight Opportunities program, the NASA TechLeap Prize allows the agency to rapidly identify and test promising solutions that address specific NASA goals. While the prize is open to most qualified U.S.-based organizations, its flexibility and ease of application can bolster innovative small businesses and teams of researchers that may not have previously received NASA funding through traditional mechanisms. This webinar will highlight the unique support that TechLeap provides by offering first-hand insight from winners of the inaugural TechLeap Prize: Autonomous Observation Challenge No. 1. Hear from Sara Jennings of Orion Labs and Zachary Gaines from Bronco Space Club at Cal Poly Pomona about their experience preparing and flying their payloads, as well as how TechLeap expanded their teams’ capacity to quickly advance technologies.

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