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B-2 Test Stand

Aerial view of Stennis Space Center Test Complex; E Test Complex (foreground) and A Test Complex (background)

Test Facility Capabilities

Large, Ambient Stage and/or Engine Test Facility

The B Test Complex consists of a dual-position; vertical, static-firing test stand designated as the B-1/B-2 test stand. Each test position is capable of static-firing test articles up to 33 feet diameter. The B-1/B-2 Test Stand is equipped with a 195-ton, main derrick lifting crane, with a 20-ton jib crane. The B-2 test position tested the first stage of the Saturn V rocket, as well as the Main Propulsion Test Article for the Space Shuttle Program. Testing for the Delta IV Common Booster Core Program was completed on the B-2 side in 2001. The position was modified for SLS (Space Launch System) Core Stage Green Run testing, conducted in 2020-2021. It now is being prepared to conduct Green Run testing of NASA’s new Exploration Upper Stage for future Artemis missions to the Moon.

B-2 Test Stand at Stennis Space Center
B-2 Test Stand
NASA / Stennis

Maximum Thrust: 11,000,000 pounds (original design); 3,000,000 pounds (current configuration)
Altitude: Ambient
Propellants: Liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen

Past Propulsion Test Activities:

  • SLS (Space Launch System) Core Stage Green Run testing (2020-2021)
  • Boeing Delta IV Common Booster Core Stage testing (1999‐2001)
  • NASA/Orbital Science Corp MC‐1 low-cost technology engine testing (1999)
  • NASA Space Shuttle Main Propulsion Test Article (3-engine cluster) stage testing (1977‐1981)
  • Saturn V S‐IC (5-engine cluster) stage testing (1966‐1970)
  • Common Booster Core (Boeing Delta IV stage testing)
  • Marshall Concept-1, formerly “Fastrac” (NASA LOX/RP 60K engine for X-34 flight demonstrator)

Other NASA Stennis Test Facilities and Support Infrastructures

NASA Stennis has many unique test facilities and supporting infrastructure which provides world-class testing services.