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1990s: In the Lead

NASA Stennis became lead center for rocket propulsion testing and for implementing commercial remote sensing activities.

A hydrogen barge working its way through the bridge and lock system at Stennis Space Center.

1990 – Space shuttle main engine tests are conducted on all three NASA Stennis test stands in one day for the first time on Aug. 20.

1991 – NASA administrator designates NASA Stennis as the Center of Excellence for large propulsion system testing on Dec. 30.

1992 – The space shuttle main engine test project achieves the 2,000th test firing on July 24.

1993 – The High Heat Flux Facility is dedicated at NASA Stennis on Aug. 11 to test materials for hypersonic spacecraft of the future.

1994 – Program management for space shuttle main engine test operations is transferred from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, to NASA’s Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, on May 1.

1995 – NASA Stennis completes testing on new Block I configuration space shuttle main engine on May 26.

1996 – The first test is conducted on a subscale cryogenic fuel tank on March 16 for the X-33 Reusable Launch Vehicle program.

1996 – Endeavor is the first space shuttle to fly three Block I space shuttle main engines, all tested at NASA Stennis, on May 19.

1996 – NASA designates NASA Stennis as lead center to manage capabilities and assets for rocket propulsion testing on May 30.

1996 – NASA Headquarters announces on July 2 that NASA Stennis will conduct and manage engine component testing for the X-33 for the Reusable Launch Vehicle program.

1997 – NASA Stennis is designated as NASA’s lead center for implementing commercial remote sensing activities on Feb. 21.

1998 – The U.S. Navy’s Major Shared Resource Center is dedicated and officially named the Trent Lott Supercomputing and Visualization Institute on April 15.

1998 – Activation of the E-1 Component Test Facility, a world class high-pressure component cryogenic facility, is initiated at NASA Stennis on July 27.

1998 – All four large test positions at NASA Stennis are occupied for the first time in center’s history on Aug. 8.

Chronology of Events

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