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Exploring the Moon Educator Guide

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Grade Levels

Grades K-4, Grades 5-8, Grades 9-12


Earth Science, Life Science, Mathematics, Space Science, Technology, Geology, Living and Working in Space, Measurement and Data Analysis, Solar System and Planets, Planetary Geology, Earth's Moon, Models


Educator Guides

The activities in this guide promote problem solving, communication skills and teamwork. Earth and space science subjects include lunar geology and regolith, distance to the moon, Apollo landing sites and life support systems.

Exploring the Moon Educator Guide [7MB PDF file]

Note: A new version of the Impact Craters activity can be found here: Impact Craters – NASA.
Moon ABCs Fact Sheet
Rock ABCs Fact Sheet
Progress in Lunar Science
Nearside of the Moon – Apollo Landing Sites
Distance to the Moon
Diameter of the Moon
Reaping Rocks
The Lunar Disk
Apollo Landing Sites
Regolith Formation
Lunar Surface
Clay Lava Flows
Lava Layering
Lunar Landing Sites
Lunar Roving Vehicle
Moon Anomalies
Lunar Land Use
Life Support Systems
Lunar Biospheres