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Night Earth Observations taken by Expedition 41 crewmember.

NASA’s Space Sustainability Strategy

NASA is a proactive leader for responsible and sustainable space operations, marked by the development of widely adopted best practices, analytic studies, models, technologies, and operations for the benefit of all.


A Burgeoning Space Environment

The space operating environment is undergoing rapid changes with the emergence of new commercial capabilities that NASA has championed, including increased satellite activity and novel space capabilities such as satellite constellations, autonomous spacecraft, and commercial space destinations. Understanding the associated risks and benefits of new and existing capabilities is crucial for space sustainability.

Under the leadership of a cross-agency advisory board, NASA has committed to develop an integrated agencywide strategy to measure and assess space sustainability for Earth, Earth orbit, the cislunar space, and deep space. NASA will identify the most cost-effective ways to meet our sustainability targets, incentivize adoption of sustainable practices through technology and policy development, and increase our efforts to share and receive information with the rest of the global space community.

New NASA Strategy Envisions Sustainable Future for Space Operations

To address a rapidly changing space operating environment and ensure its preservation for generations to come, NASA released the first part of its integrated Space Sustainability Strategy, on Tuesday advancing the agency’s role as a global leader on this crucial issue.

Press Release about New NASA Strategy Envisions Sustainable Future for Space Operations
Low Earth orbit, the focus of volume one of NASA’s Space Sustainability Strategy, is the most concentrated area for orbital debris. This computer-generated image showcases objects that are currently being tracked. 
Credits: NASA ODPO

Engage with Us

NASA’s Office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy is soliciting research and analysis related to the social, economic, and policy aspects of orbital space and lunar surface sustainability.

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A computer generated image of objects in Earth orbit that are currently being tracked.